Who We Are:

There are many names by which the inspired people of our world rally around.  Whether it's the title of a religion, such as Christian, Muslim, or Hindu, or the followers of some book, person or principle, many people like to label things.  The key is not the title we go by, but the lives we lead, the ideals we bring forth and try to personify.  Under any static title, there are persons doing things both positive and negative.  When you identify as a thing rather than a pursuit it can be easily distorted. 

Are we seekers of the truth, tempered by a desire to love one another and grow spiritually?  If we can agree on that, then there is the hope that we will be for something rather than sitting comfortably with a title.  The Association for Light and Life is a goal oriented movement - truth seekers uniting with the goals of discovering and sharing in the light and living spirit filled lives regardless of what other titles we go by.  All are welcome to join us in this pursuit.

Are We As Busy As We Think We Are?

Submitted by rode on May 23, 2022 - 10:51pm

I ask this question because often we find multiple ways to distract ourselves from being productive.  Under the guise of being too busy, we give ourselves permission to not achieve, not finish things, not begin a project or finish it, etc.  But if we take a good hard look at what we fill our time with, what would we find? 

I read an article recently that said that the average person spends 2 hours and 30 minutes on social media per day.  Coupled with that, another article states that people spend anywhere from 1-4 hours streaming or watching TV per day.


Submitted by DLares on April 14, 2021 - 10:20am

Write by moonlight, using only mind and touch, Don't hurry.  Let in the beauty.  Keep your balance.  Breathe.  You've got this.   Let the Lord of Light enter and become your eyes.  We call forth a new day in the hearts of mankind.  Look! Rainbows in the fog behind the hill.  It's Rainbow Man glimmering under His mask.  See the Beautiful Will shining through?  A breeze dispels the shadow...and then Silence descends.  Oh, Blessed Stillness.  Peace.

Plodding Progress

Submitted by BobD on March 25, 2021 - 7:29am

I find when I try to implement changes in my life, that it is difficult to overcome the habitual practices, and then sometimes there can be doubt in the ability to make the change.  But I am heartened by one area of change, and that is to spend more time in stillness meditation and/or reflection each day.  So if progress can be made in one area, it stands to reason, that perhaps giving it more time will allow for change in other areas.  One doesn't generally transform everything all at once, a little voice tells me.  Have patience for the metamorphosis of the caterpillar.   Perhaps the process at this time is more like building the cocoon so that the transformations can take place, but it's one day at a time right now.  Can I make better choices today for health, for sanity, for spiritual reflection?  Can I look everyone in the eyed today and just be kind?  Those small steps can build momentum, so that I'm not just stuck in patterns I can't get out of, but that I can see there are efforts and they are growing.


Increased vibrational uplift? Feel it?

Submitted by DLares on March 19, 2021 - 9:33pm

Indeed, if this is happening, and I think many of us can agree there is a difference in the feel of the spiritual energetic circuits, then perhaps that is the reason we are encouraged to increase our connection and the frequency of our quiet times, in order to increase our own capacity for reception of this new light. Some encouragement has come to us in the suggestions of three 20 minute Quiet Times a day.

Building Foundations

Submitted by BobD on March 16, 2021 - 7:27am

Developing pattern and consistency is important in any new effort.  Three days in, I can see it's all too easy to shuffle some things to the back burner while focusing on other things and that probably doesn't lend itself well toward balance.  I have had stillness time each day, but some days it's the 5 minutes before I drift off to sleep that I remember to quiet down and reflect and consider the divine.  I walked gingerly on my sore leg, and read a few news articles, but nothing all that productive, whereas on Saturday I was raring to go, spent my 20 minutes in stillness, did a 30 minute walk, read my book, worked on my project, hugged my boy, and pampered my wife (she might see it differently...).

But I am moving forward, and that's the overall trend I want to have.  My new addition is to track my intake via www.mynetdiary.com. If Mind, Body, Spirit health is the goal, then knowing what I'm consuming should help also.  I will walk to work today and most days, but try to add some bike riding and hopefully swimming once I get vaccinated.  Today, I will listen to inspired music during stillness time... really like the works of "Sleeping at Last."

I see another friend has joined me on the blog... Thanks Dlares.  Glad to know we're sharing the journey.

Thought for the Day:  "The quickest way for a tadpole to become a frog is to live loyally each moment as a tadpole."