*              Aaron:  The words we share are always initially intended for the audience receiving them.  As a secondary benefit, you have chosen at times to share these words with others, but recognize ultimately these concepts are intended for you, each of you, to consider.  Recognize in your lives, as you would share ideas with others, personally, from yourself, that you keep in mind, as well, your intended audience.  There is a fine difference between sharing to edify another and sharing to edify all.  The master teacher learns, over time, that personal connection is the basis of education, thus the challenge not to overlook each student and their progress is there when wanting to provide more global progress.

Think each day, about what you can both offer and receive from the individuals in your life.  Take satisfaction in the opportunities to provide real moments of connection and clarity in one another’s lives.  You can rest assured that as we try to move your planet forward for everyone, we do not overlook you, each of you, and your personal growth and experience.  We truly love you and want you to know that you are not just part of a process for others or for the global movement, but part of a process for your own benefit, allowing you to grow in spirit, such that you can realize the greatest potentials you have within you. 

In these words, we would have you contemplate how such attitudes can affect how you relate and interrelate with one another, both those here within this grouping and with those other loved ones, friends, and strangers you encounter in your lives. 

I am Aaron, taking this opportunity to share with you tonight.  Hopefully you can sense my heartfelt approach to you and I would certainly be open to sharing with you if you have any thoughts or questions.

Q1:  Aaron, thank you for your statements about how you are here for us and that we are not just here to feed the process.  As you’re aware, I have often felt I am just sort of a pawn in a chess game and here to feed others.  I am getting better at believing what you said, but it’s still a struggle for me and an area of growth.  It’s been satisfying for me in the last little while to just be able to be a friend to people and feel like that’s enough.  I don’t have to change the world.  I don’t have to be president of the United States, or meet all these high bars for myself I set for myself at a younger age.  It really is the quality of the relationships we have that help us to make an impact.  I am most impactful when people respect me, my come from, and like me.  No questions, but thanks for letting me ramble on.

*              Aaron:  Yes, my friend.  You are not just or merely a means to an end, but the purpose in and of itself.  For if we cannot usher in progress for you, individually, in this mission effort, then any larger progress would be muted or distorted.  So, rest assured that you are each equally as important to us as any larger mission plans that may come forward in the times to come.

Q2:  Aaron, you said something about you, and certainly the team, love us, and I thought to myself, how much do you have to let go of any intolerant feelings toward those of us that maybe don’t rise up and do what we know is right to do.

*              Aaron:  Thank you for your question.  In some sense, it comes down to how we view you all, and since this planet has been in the throes of struggle for multiple millennia it becomes difficult for us to perceive you in a negative light, for many of us also have served mortal lives on planets that had similar struggles and although we have grown in our awareness beyond many of those barriers, the resonance with your struggle is nonetheless prevalent.  So it would be difficult to even consider intolerance in our attitudes when perhaps feeling like we are merely older siblings reaching down to try and coax our younger siblings forward to consider new ideas and possibilities for action.

Q2:  Thank you Aaron.  That was very beautiful.

Q1:  So Aaron, your initial opening has me wondering about when you talked about us being the primary audience and then when we share information it’s a secondary benefit.  I guess my question is would you like us to be sharing them?  Do you have other audiences in mind, as well as us, for some of the things that are spoken?  Daniel had said years ago, that there were students beyond our immediate meeting group.  Is my question understood?

*              Aaron:  I believe so.  Recognize that we have some sense of who is following the words we share when they are shared with a wider audience, therefore it would not be against our efforts to share ideas that can be received by them as well as you.  But we also see you who gather here as our primary intended group. 

That being said, there are other personalities who have visited you who are not necessarily part of your direct core of teaching associates, personalities such as Machiventa or other universe personalities who might want to share a specific message intended for a wider audience, but still recognize they do share it for you at the same time.  The sense I want to give here is that you are not overlooked to try and enlighten some wider audience, but that each message shared is for your benefit, in some form or fashion.

Q1:  That was helpful, thank you.  And thank you for addressing that characteristic within me that can feel used.  So thank you.

*              Aaron:  Recognizing all of the ways that you can be manipulated on a material level on a world that pushes and pulls in multitudinous directions, and that you can equally be in a relationship that is intended without manipulation, with sincerity and altruistic intention, these two realities can conflict and create those feelings you have within you.  Learning to trust that you are the purpose and you are the plan and the intended recipient of an outpouring of truth, beauty and goodness, this takes time.

Q1:  That was really powerful.  I will contemplate that this week and meditate on it and try to take that in as understanding within my being.

Q3:  I just got a few words from Abraham.

*              Abraham: Greetings, I am Abraham, here to share with you more about love.  Fear is the opposite of love, not hate.  Once you allow yourself to walk in faith and take fear out of the equation, your entire being becomes lighter and allows you to share that light and faith in your Divine Parents and the fact that the universe is not only friendly, it is very much organized.  We are grateful to share with you good news, and to remind you to be of good cheer.  Shalom.