*              Daniel: Welcome to this gathering of souls, human, morontial, and spiritual.  My name is Daniel and I represent Michael in this endeavor to provide an opportunity for connection.  Recognize that deep connection within your being.  Engage and explore with that spirit resident within you.  This happens not simply in quiet contemplation, but each time you invite that presence to participate with you in your life regarding any circumstance or question, problem or joy.  Spiritual comprehension can occur at any moment when your will aligns with the will of our Father.  As you may have heard before, the will of God is the desire to share your inner life with this magnificent presence.

You may wonder sometimes why all the differentiation regarding this being or that being, when if we serve God then why can we not be just simply one voice?  But this would not be a true representation of the kingdom of heaven, for we are a vast family of creatures, ascending and descending, with the purposes to experience, to provide experience, to grow, and to become more perfected along the way.

It is important at this point in history for humans to understand that they are part of something more than simply each moment passing by, even while those moments are important to their progress, as well.  You have been isolated through no fault of your own.  You have been partially disconnected from all of the resources that would normally be available, so as to avoid the malignant spread of disbelief and self-importance.  Therefore, we have been commissioned by Michael to share, not merely as one voice, for we are of the same will, but to also share as we are, individually, to let you know that you are not alone and there is a vast scheme of progression available to any who choose to “step on,” so to speak, and take the journey of discovery.

We do see this time period as being a progressive next step in the plans of Michael for your world and for our universe.  You may call it a new wave, but it is and has been part of the plan from the beginning as we have worked to reveal the potentials of your spiritual progress and ascension.  We are as travelers returning to a sector of the universe to engage the creatures in that sector with an opportunity to become part of the larger picture of progress.

Yes, my friends, we are here and this is not temporary.  We will not be dropping in and then exiting, to leave you on your own to figure it all out.  On any normally evolving world you would have the benefit of spiritual participation in your journey, not merely with the Adjuster circuit within each human that connects them with the spirit of God within, but also with that of the Planetary Administration and the many beings who work to provide example and progressively move you forward toward higher understanding, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

At this time I would take any questions if you have any this evening.

Q1: Daniel it’s reassuring to have you say this is all part of Michael’s plan.  I have a curiosity question.  Where are we at in the Correcting Time?  The beginning, halfway through…?

*              Daniel: This period of correction will last for several generations, thus we would see you as, affectionately, graduating kindergarten, from the larger scope or view.  Certainly there is progress at varying levels, but to truly come into the plans and purposes for your world, it will take quite some time to lose the vestiges of rebellion, to trust in the patterns and plans, that they truly are what’s best.  Each person can achieve a degree of enlightenment and even an awareness of light and life personally, but even so, as you progress beyond this life there will still be deficits to be addressed, to truly manifest without the barriers that have been part of your existence, both seen and unseen, known and unknown to you.  Does this feel like too much work, or does the awareness of baby steps make you feel somehow less progressive?  We should hope not, for you will become perfected in eternity, nevertheless, and some of these remnants will actually provide opportunity for you in the ages to come.  I hope this answers some of what you were asking.

Q1: It does. Thank you very much.  It’s nice to be reminded and to have that extra push to keep going.  I know in the beginning you referred to us as toddlers, so that’s progress!  Thank you for answering that question.

Q2: We’re gathering together and not sure exactly why.  Can you provide a mission statement to help?  You mentioned working through circuitry and teaching with circuitry.  Would that be a sort of mission or purpose for us?

*              Daniel: Just as you are exploring the potentials, we are doing likewise.  We have currently approximately 2,730 working groups on your world that we communicate with in some form or fashion.  You are one of these..  Having had the Urantia Papers as part of your experience has aided you in focus to recognize certain underlying realities so that you are not beginning at square one.  This is  not to insinuate that the Urantia Papers are the perfect word of God for everyone to seek out, but that there are many insights contained which can help you to gain a sense of your place in the cosmos.  Thus, we are intrigued by your potentials and how they will coalesce.  You must know that the stillness practice is a primary ingredient by now.

Q2: That is the way to connect, so yes, that makes sense.  So teaching about that would be important?

*              Daniel: Yes, and developing camaraderie, a sense of purpose with each other where your thoughts and ideas align.  The potentials are vast in any one direction, whether it be creative in arts, whether it be intellectual in ideas, whether it be spiritual in meditative qualities, and merely seeking alignment with spirit.  To give you a focus statement would probably not be wise at this time, for you will do better to allow it to emerge from your dialogues and activities with each other, those currently participating, and those on the fringes hearing about it, and those yet to come.

Q3: I have a question. In our present state, with this particular moment of great rancor all over the world, but especially in this country, several sides are butting heads.  Where does the concept of “turn the other cheek” come into play?  Could it or should it come into play?  There are those who would argue that one side is attempting to do away with democracy and being battled against by those who are pro democracy.  What would happen if those pro democracy folk turned the other cheek?  Would it work?

*              Daniel: This depends on how they turn the other cheek.  Appeasement of evil does not diminish evil, but being connected internally and seeking to portray or provide a positive response to negativity would be refreshing, indeed.  The challenge at the current time is that much of what is occurring is being driven from the fringes.  Many are caught in the center, feeling somewhat helpless about all that is happening, as the person speaking the loudest and most extreme gets the most attention unfortunately.

There are problematic features on both sides of this coin, both those who would limit democracy and take away privileges and rights to maintain control, but also those who would cry for freedom and free expression - a sort of anything goes - without having some sense of connection to that which holds things together.

Perhaps the greatest challenge is for the center to rise up and be visible in the desire for real solutions to the manifold problems, rather than thinking one ideology or the other should destroy the other and win, as if winning could create some satisfactory outcome.  Until the majority realizes that some things are more important than winning, I fear this conflict will continue.

But some forward looking souls, such as yourselves and others, could in some way become more outspoken about connection and camaraderie and finding solutions and perhaps aid in changing the course of events toward the positive.  So please, my friends, and my friend, turn the other cheek.

Q3: Amen. Wonderful answer.  Thank you Daniel.

*              Daniel: My friends, I will take leave at this time.  I do want to encourage you each to find your center, to explore, not merely in the quiet, but throughout your day, what it is like to involve your spirit presence in everything that you are doing.  Talk to God as a child would.  Ask the inquisitive questions. Be curious.  This type of communication will compound your spiritual growth as you incorporate it into your ongoing activities.  Each of you, thank you for your participation.  I look forward to seeing how you manifest, individually and collectively.  Good evening.