*             Aaron: I would take this opportunity to speak with you tonight.  I am Aaron.  It is good to be here.  We have conversed about potential topics for the evening and settled upon one entitled, “Thought, Word, and Deed.”

As you look at your lives, you may realize that your greatest successes, at least perceived, have to do with accomplishing a goal, and yet, at many times in your lives you may feel you are stuck, unable to move forward, perhaps even having lots of ideas, but not able to implement them for one reason or another.  Many noble thoughts and intentions go unmet.  This is both part of the human experience, and in part, a result of the dysfunctional patterns that exist on your world, which can give you a sense, at times, of a less than supportive environment. 

We would like to engage with you and challenge you to incorporate the realization of the support network you now have on your world.  Although much is unseen, you with the faith of Agondonters (one who believes without seeing) know there are personalities and energy swirling in patterns to help you produce those things you envision in partnership with your Indwelling Spirit.

Think of something either recently or in the past that you wanted to accomplish, or an idea you had, then engage with the spirit to explore the concept.  It may seem as an inner dialogue, but I also encourage you to talk it out, to ask questions, ask for feedback, pray about it. 

Taking the initial thought and formulating the plan, so to speak, is the second step.  How would you accomplish what it is you want to accomplish?  Recognize not all of the plan has to be formulated to take the steps to implement what you would want to achieve.  Perhaps the thing or part that holds people back from actual effort is the fear of failure, not producing it, or being seen as weird or some other perception of how others would see you if you were to take your light out from under a bushel, so to speak, and place it where it can be seen.

We challenge you to risk a little bit in your life when you conceive of something you would like to do, small or large.  It can be reaching out to somebody where you’re not sure of the response, or producing some creative project, even planning and taking a trip you’ve always put off.  Regardless of the complexity, there is an awareness that occurs when stepping out beyond your comfortable place to create -- be a creator.  In partnership with God, your creator potential is vast. 

In these times, we are here, in a sense, as a highlighter to a piece of paper, to underline, to emphasize, to draw arrows and point to where changes can be made.  Know that you are part of a cooperative enterprise here on your world and that you can step out and take the chances to implement the thought, word and deed enterprise pattern in ways yet unexplored.  This week I ask you to consider what this might mean, where you could participate.  This is not a directive from us to tell you what to do, but an encouraging nudge to explore those things you would like to do, but perhaps have not gone further with.

At this time I would take questions if there are any this evening.

Q1: So Aaron, can you talk a little further about us receiving more spiritual help than we have?  Does that make sense?

*             Aaron: Yes.  The patterns are there.  You have decades of experience engaging with us, with your Indwelling Spirit, as well.  The groundwork is being laid still, on the spiritual side, implementing circuitry and providing resources, but much of this is already in place.  Know that there are many groups around your world engaging with spirit in one way or another and exploring the relationship and what it has to offer and how they can participate in the corrective period we have undergone and are undergoing. 

The lesson this evening is less about any one particular thing you must do and more about knowing that with all the resources you have available internally and with the connective circuitry, you can feel confident in taking an extra step, and going an extra mile.  Simply pondering this, and those things you have dreamt about doing, should give you an idea of how you can trust to step out and try to manifest, even in the small encouragements you might make with someone or any projects you might want to explore.  Some of what we are here for is to provide this awareness of all the resources available to you.  Is there something more specific you had in mind?

Q1: No, that was very good.  It made my whole left side of my brain light up, electrified, just knowing that the help is here, the reinforcement, the cavalry.

*             Aaron: Yes, and you know if you start down a path and it doesn’t seem productive, there is no harm or shame in changing directions, but looking for the opportunities is perhaps the encouragement we would provide.

Q2: Aaron thank you for that lesson.  I thought it was really fun.  It was nice to be encouraged to do things we want to do and may hold back on for various reasons, and to just pull out the stops and go for what we want.  Sometimes figuring that out is difficult and I punt it to God’s will, but I realize that being human and having a personality means I get to have preferences.  I was hearing encouragement to be human and that all of our pursuits don’t have to be high spiritual service.  I came up with 4 or 5 things while you were talking.  So, thank you.

*             Aaron: Your interpretation brings a smile to my face, figuratively.

Q2: And your answer brings tears to my eyes.

*             Aaron: No problem, my dear, for imagine how a human would live on a planet in light and life, not afraid to explore or to ask for help or to express their desires, not being shattered when rejected, or feeling as if they are the center of the universe when they achieve something, but recognizing the connectivity, the connectedness of it all, and how your experiences, both in being human and spiritual and striving adds to the Supreme and helps to bring about greater achievement, not only for yourself, but for others as the real efforts you make now affect the psyche of the universe, so to speak. 

Take off the soggy, heavy coat that would bind you and make you feel heavy and weighted down.  There is no reason for you to hide from being the best that you can be and to experience those things you wish to explore.  And as you do, you will find more.  And this is perhaps, what we are mostly alluding to this evening.

Q2: Thank you.  That was big. 

Q3: Aaron, thank you for this lesson, but what I hear is that you are telling me to pull out the stops, but what I find myself doing is taking a hammer and banging them in.  I don’t want to be that weirdo out there.  I’ve been a lone shark, or whatever, all my life and it would be very nice to be able to pull out the stops and tell people what I really am, but the hammer is so handy. (Laughing)

*             Aaron: Yes, these are the alternating awarenesses you have, both to express that light that you are, and to pull back a little bit when it feels a bit risky or might affect your reputation.  This is not completely without merit, for you can discern what will produce the greatest effect over time and not merely some flash in the moment that might burn a bridge later.  Being wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove can apply a little bit in this manner, as well, to know how to present yourself, but do know that your training over these many years allows you to present yourself with a spiritual fragrance, and thus seeking those openings to provide a little bit more wouldn’t be too much of a risk.

Q3: Thank you, Aaron.

*             Aaron: And thank you for expressing the real dual nature of your humanity, to both reach out and retain.  These are the questions you take into the silence with your Father, for in that relationship, you may find the best illumination for your particular circumstances as to how you can proceed.

Q3: One more comment I have, I’ve been reading A New Earth and it’s been dealing with ego, and it has really been instructive as far as being able to recognize that this is ego and it isn’t me.  It’s my ego.  But then the conclusion is that you are now aware and that’s the first step, but how the heck do you get rid of the things that pop up?  What do you do with being aware?  It doesn’t solve the problems, it just make you see what they are.

*             Aaron: Awareness simply brings the opportunity to build more responsive behavior in relationship between you, your spirit, and ego.  There is no place as a human where you will be completely rid of ego, for there are elements of identity that are necessary to power you forward, so to speak.  Where the ego comes out of alignment is where you can try to develop different responses, but due to some of the distortions that have occurred, this is generally not a quick fix.  The focus should be progress not perfection.  How would you react differently knowing where situations raise the defenses?  Map it out, take it within, and ask and receive, and then repeat.  This is the process of progress.  And fortunately when you graduate, some of these vestiges will not be retained with you.  Yes, there will be growth to continue, but some of those elements are purely a part of your human nature.

Q3: Aaron, thank you.  There was a ring of hope there.  Thank you.

*        Aaron: Thank you for this opportunity, for having me this evening, and sharing your questions and thoughts.  Take a look at this over the next time period before we meet again and see how you can implement the process with your goals, dreams, or even simply how you would act and react on a given day.  Know that your Father friend is available and looking forward to the engagement with you, and we are confident you will find illumination if you explore and desire.  Again, thank you, and good evening.