Submitted by DLares on March 27, 2021 - 3:36pm

"We are more interested in your intentions for the future than your ever-changing readjustments to the interpretation of your past. That understanding of the past is changed by the moving point of perception in the now. It is an astonishing phenomena, is it not, when you realize from a distant viewpoint, that the struggle of an earlier time gave rise to your present strength? We do not view your problems with the same eyes as your do. This is the wonder of our duel nature. Your bottom-up view is complimentary to our top-down understanding. It is a challenge to align your animal-based fears to the holistic and all-encompassing love and safety that we bring. Practice this connection. Bring me your joys as well as your doubts, your gratitude as well as your uncertainties. In the world of time and space, we are a team."

Welcome Yumi