Submitted by DLares on May 31, 2022 - 10:29pm

Benevolence and Wisdom shimmer thinly, like whispers over glass. Be Still. Attune yourself to the subtle frequencies to feel the Invisible Ever-Friends serving beside us. Mercy is the watchword of this planet. And patience.

I stand open, bared like the high plateau in high summer. Long since, I walked myself down into the Valley of Death, studied the stratigraphy of secrets, delved deep to the bottom of the cool clear water, imbibed, revived, survived. I know what I know.  

I purport to know love, but it is such a tiny thing that I know. A songbird's herald of a blazing noon, a flicker of light on dappled water, the brief embrace of a sun-kissed son before he speeds away, a glimpse, a glance, nearly nothing of the constancy of its significance.

And yet, I feel safe enough with that to dare to wonder, "What if? What if LOVE could win?"