Submitted by DLares on June 19, 2022 - 1:12pm

Hope springs eternal... (Alexander Pope said in 175o) like the glorious, fresh, abundance that flourishes in late spring.

Now is the time to hold fast to HOPE, all YE WHO ENTER HERE! Watch the glorious potentials triumph!

Hope is a confidence of success. It is the CONTENT not the FORM that matters. It is WHAT you can bring to the world.

Do not leave the world in darkness. Do not bury yourself in words. Bring the LOVE GRAVITY of the STILLNESS into the chaos, not jumping into the fray, for that will eat you alive. Leave that to us.

Your job is to express the new pattern of culture, to seek and find the stable spots and to fix the footings, to anchor and support the Kingdom Come.

It's a SPIRAL ASCENSION. It's ALIVE in the sway of the breeze, the tides of the moon, the night without the sun.

You are coming into the new dawn. You are standing on the cusp of the new summer where the seeds have germinated. HOPE has been born. It has taken root in your heart. Do you feel it?

Hope is not a lazy bedfellow. Hope does not wallow in self-indulgences. Hope keens its beautiful and silent cry of perfection, piercing the clouding veils of unconscious being.

Hope strikes the spark of insight that lights the souls in Oneness.What tools have you but imagination and intent? Feed yourself with communion so that you may KNOW the WAY to BE and what to DO to play your part with us.

It is by turning inside out that the world changes. The rigidities of the old ways will soften and be pulled apart to align with the new flow and direction of PREVAILING HOPE.

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