(Gary Tonge's "Havona")


The Urantia Papers are an epochal revelation given to our world throughout the early to mid-twentieth century that integrate the highest concepts of philosophy, science, and religion. Beginning with God, the First Source and Center of all things, the revelation takes you on a vast journey out from Paradise through the universes to the planet we live on, which is referred to as Urantia. From there, the Papers offer a history of our world from the beginnings of its formation right down through to relatively modern times. And in the last series of papers, the revelators set the stage and tell the life story of Jesus of Nazareth, as witnessed by angels and other spiritual beings present on our world at the time. This series of papers deal with the truth of Jesus' existence as a mortal, from birth through death, and on to his ascension. The Urantia Papers are designed to take you out to your furthest limits of understanding and back into the innermost part of your being to discover your own personal experience of the Spirit of God within. The Urantia Book, which contains all the Urantia Papers, is also for sale through bookstores everywhere.

Check out a free online text of the Urantia Papers at: www.urantiabook.org/urantia-book-table-of-contents

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The Urantia Papers are now in the Public Domain and are not copyrighted.