A Spiritual Truthseeker is someone who seeks the truth, both within the world and within themselves.

We know it is often difficult to hear the simple advice such as "Go within" or "Be Still and Know" and  have any real idea of what that actually means. Here at the Truthseekers group, we are attempting to help people learn about Stillness Practice from some of us who have "been there and done that." Not that it is ever finished, because we are only in the very first stages of an eternal career, but we have found ways and processes that have brought us to a sense of peace and connection with Silence and Stillness and the Pearl of Great Price that lies within each of us.

Here are some basic questions devised to help clarify who we are and how we got where we are on order to teach about it.

1. What experience or experiences in your life have you had that you feel changed the course of your life?

2. Did you have any specific religious or life changing events?

3. What started your Spiritual journey?  Was it gradual or was there a specific event that launched your truth-seeking?

4. When you first started your Spiritual journey, what activities did you engage in to find truth?

5. What feeds your Spirit now?

6. What drains your Spirit now?

7. What books have helped or influenced you to know Truth?

8. Is there a book that you return to even now to stimulate your Spirit?

9. What advice would you give new seekers? 


Silence. The Method